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All scaffolds servicing buildings are required to be secured to the building's facade. Where a continuous track system can not be used, the WEATHERGUARD SCAFFOLD RESTRAINT is a practical alaternative system.

Unobtrusive RESTRAINT ANCHORS are installed in a pattern on the perimeter of the building. The INTERMITTEN RESTRAINT system requires the minimum amount of anchors, however, the scaffold operators must manually attach and remove the SAF-T-LINE device between the anchor and the scaffold suspension. For CONTINUOUS RESTRAINTS the anchor pattern has an increased density. The tracks are installed on the stage, not on the building, and automatically engage a series of restraint anchors during vertical travel.

The RESTRAINTS are fabricated in Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Brass or Bronze to a design that will suit your building's facade structurally and esthetically.

This type of stabilization falls into two categories: The first is “continuous”, that is a system where the scaffold is always in contact with the building either through a track built into the facade with a “shoe” on the platform to maintain it to the building or a series of anchors (buttons), every six feet vertically, on the building with the track mounted on the scaffold that engages the buttons during the platforms vertical travel.

The second is “intermittent stabilization,” a system of locating anchors on the facade no further then 50 feet, 15.24 meters, apart vertically, or every third floor, which ever occurs first and using a lanyard from the scaffold’s suspension rope(s) to the building anchor tensioning the suspension rope inward. This is called “angulated roping” and increases the pressure the platform has against the building thereby stabilizing it. This system can not be used where a scaffold is “ground-rigged” (see note below); the situation where the platform is launched from the ground as opposed to the roof.

To allow for variations in the facade the locations of the building anchors can both be in between the suspension ropes or outside the ropes, but not in combination, that is one inside and one outside.

Using an Intermittent Scaffold Restraint Anchor System is easy. The lanyards are attached from the scaffold’s (BMU’s) suspension rope(s) to the building anchors as the platform or gondola travels down the building. During the platform’s return to the roof the lanyards are removed and stored for its next descent.

Neither of these systems, intermittent or continuous is required unless the building is of a certain height or has a condition where it is deemed to be unsafe if the platform is not stabilized or if, without stabilization, the scaffold may damage the facade.

The anchors for intermittent stabilization can be either a flush type that uses an “indent pin” to attach the lanyard to it or it could be the type that extends out from the facade and receives a “yoke” over it to attach the lanyard.
The load requirements for any of the above should be 600 pounds or 2.67 Kn, loaded axially and transaxially. Providing for this loading is usually not difficult with the design and engineering coordinated with the facade contractor and our sales engineering services.

Due to the complexity of providing scaffold restraint anchorage systems for each project, most of them unique, we only provide very generic information.

We can furnish the complete Pin & Lanyard unit or the Pin unit ready to receive the lanyard. Lanyards can be either wire rope or nylon webbing. Anchors can be finished, when necessary, to resemble facade finishes.

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