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To expedite the process we suggest that when you have a project requiring either type of anchors you send us information about the job including details of the sections that the anchors will be fastened into and the quantities needed and we will overdraw on them the appropriate anchor(s), returning the details to you for your review. We work with owners, contractors, fenestration companies and scaffold suppliers to achieve the best design and then, when required, furnish mockup samples and testing materials. This relieves you of that part of the project.

Considering that each project is a little different and requires its own solutions, we do not issue any price lists as they may be misleading to our clients. Normally we can price your needs the same day or at the latest within 24 hours. When necessary, we will inquire as to the particulars of the job to ensure that the information for our quotation is correct. If exact particulars are not available we can quote you a price range for the project.

On projects where the system for maintaining the building has either not been determined, or if a system has been determined and the specification or layout has not been incorporated into the construction plans we can work with the architects or engineers for the project to assist in its final design. Many public, residential and commercial buildings in the United States, including many that are prestigious and monumental, have our installations. Additionally, our products are on many structures throughout the world especially many ones in the Pacific Rim.


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