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Millions of Weatherguard Service safety devices for window cleaning and building maintenance are installed on government and private buildings in the United States and throughout the world. We are experienced in replacing obsolete anchors that are no longer allowed by current codes (many of which were brass or bronze) with new ones. Also, we are experienced in bringing powered platform (scaffold) installations up to current codes with either intermittent, ISA, or continuous stabalization systems or, for buildings with unusable tracks and guides, their conversion to a compliant ISA or "Button" system.




b.GIF (179 bytes) Belt Anchors 

s.GIF (204 bytes) Scaffold Restraints
b.GIF (179 bytes) Redstone Army Arsenal b.GIF (179 bytes) Community Federal Bldg, St. Louis
b.GIF (179 bytes) Bell South Tower, Birmingham s.GIF (204 bytes) SW Bell Data Ctr Tower, St. Louis
s.GIF (204 bytes) Birmingham Convention Center & Hotel s.GIF (204 bytes) West PARK II, St. Louis
  x   x
b.GIF (179 bytes) Salt River Office Complex b.GIF (179 bytes) The Omaha Office Building, Omaha
s.GIF (204 bytes) Esplanade Office Complex, Phoenix
s.GIF (204 bytes) Greyhound Headquarters Building NEVADA
  x s.GIF (204 bytes) NY, NY Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas
CALIFORNIA s.GIF (204 bytes) Stratosphere Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas
b.GIF (179 bytes) State Capitol, Sacramento s.GIF (204 bytes) Paris/ Paris Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas
s.GIF (204 bytes) CAL/EPA Building, Sacramento s.GIF (204 bytes) Venetian Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas
s.GIF (204 bytes) UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento s.GIF (204 bytes) Aladdin Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas
s.GIF (204 bytes) Federal Center, Oakland s.GIF (204 bytes) The Nugget, Reno
b.GIF (179 bytes) State University Library, Fresno
b.GIF (179 bytes) Minor Hall, Berkley NEW HAMPSHIRE
b.GIF (179 bytes) Del Coronado Hotel, San Diego b.GIF (179 bytes) Cleveland Elderly Housing Complex, Keene
b.GIF (179 bytes) Radio Station KCET, Hollywood
b.GIF (179 bytes) Doctor’s Hospital, Modesto NEW JERSEY
b.GIF (179 bytes) Imperial Savings Building, San Diego b.GIF (179 bytes) Bergen Pines Hospital, Bergen County
b.GIF (179 bytes) County Administration Center, San Diego b.GIF (179 bytes) East Side High School, Elizabeth
b.GIF (179 bytes) Naval Hospital, San Diego b.GIF (179 bytes) Union County Court House, Elizabeth
b.GIF (179 bytes) Flood Building, San Francisco b.GIF (179 bytes) Galaxy Towers, Guttenberg
b.GIF (179 bytes) St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco b.GIF (179 bytes) Soehl Jr. High School, Linden
b.GIF (179 bytes) University Library, Santa Barbara b.GIF (179 bytes) Toms River Hospital, Toms River
s.GIF (204 bytes) 865 South Figuerao, Los Angeles b.GIF (179 bytes) American Cyanamid Building, Wayne
x b.GIF (179 bytes) West New York School, West New York
COLORADO b.GIF (179 bytes) Merck Pharmaceutical Building
s.GIF (204 bytes) St. Lukes Center, Denver
CONNECTICUT b.GIF (179 bytes) Chrysler Building, New York City
b.GIF (179 bytes) St. Francis Hospital, Hartford s.GIF (204 bytes) 60 Broad Street, New York City
b.GIF (179 bytes) Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford b.GIF (179 bytes) Woolworth Building, New York City
b.GIF (179 bytes) Aetna Insurance Company, Hartford b.GIF (179 bytes) Pan American Building, New York City
s.GIF (204 bytes) Phoenix Insurance Company, Hartford b.GIF (179 bytes) St. Regis Hotel, New York City
b.GIF (179 bytes) State Health Department Building, Hartford s.GIF (204 bytes) New York Life Insurance, New York City
b.GIF (179 bytes) Xerox Building, Stamford b.GIF (179 bytes) Plaza Hotel, New York City
b.GIF (179 bytes) South West Office Building Complex, Stanford b.GIF (179 bytes) Iranian Building, New York City
s.GIF (204 bytes) Otis Elevator Complex, Danbury b.GIF (179 bytes) Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City
  x s.GIF (204 bytes) North Shore University Hospital, Nassau
DELAWARE b.GIF (179 bytes) City College, New York City
s.GIF (204 bytes) Manufacturers/Hanover Building, Wilmington b.GIF (179 bytes) Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City
x b.GIF (179 bytes) The New School for Social Research, NYC
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA b.GIF (179 bytes) 505 Park Avenue, New York City
b.GIF (179 bytes) The White House b.GIF (179 bytes) 521 Fifth Avenue, New York City
b.GIF (179 bytes) Treasury Building b.GIF (179 bytes) The Lincoln Building, New York City
b.GIF (179 bytes) Departments of Interior, Commerce, b.GIF (179 bytes) Brooklyn State Hospital, Brooklyn
b.GIF (179 bytes) Agriculture & dozens of other Federal Buildings s.GIF (204 bytes) Buffalo General Hospital
b.GIF (179 bytes) Ronald Regan Building b.GIF (179 bytes) Lincoln Center North, New York City
b.GIF (179 bytes) Senate & Congressional Office Building(s) b.GIF (179 bytes) Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn
b.GIF (179 bytes) General Post Office (Old & New) b.GIF (179 bytes) Columbia University Buildings, NYC
b.GIF (179 bytes) (Old) FBI Building b.GIF (179 bytes) Over 750 New York City Public Schools
b.GIF (179 bytes) (Old) Internal Revenue Building b.GIF (179 bytes) Gannett Building, Rochester
b.GIF (179 bytes) METRO System b.GIF (179 bytes) Rochester City Public Schools
b.GIF (179 bytes) British Embassy
FLORIDA s.GIF (204 bytes) Durham Hotel/Civic Center, Durham
b.GIF (179 bytes) Municipal Building, Tampa s.GIF (204 bytes) Highpoint Center, Highpoint
b.GIF (179 bytes) Federal Detention Facility, Miami b.GIF (179 bytes) Wake Forest Law School, Wake Forest
s.GIF (204 bytes) Oceana I, Dade County b.GIF (179 bytes) Wayne Community College
s.GIF (204 bytes) One Metro Center, Tampa b.GIF (179 bytes) University of North Carolina Buildings
s.GIF (204 bytes) Lake Tower, Dade County b.GIF (179 bytes) Clara Wilson Library, Chapel Hill
s.GIF (204 bytes) Sun Park Bank, Dade s.GIF (204 bytes) Southern Bell Plaza, Charlotte
s.GIF (204 bytes) Diplomat Hotel, Miami Beach
s.GIF (204 bytes) Barclays Bank OHIO
b.GIF (179 bytes) Polk County Courthouse b.GIF (179 bytes) Cincinnati City Hall
x s.GIF (204 bytes) 255 Fifth Street, Cincinnati
GEORGIA s.GIF (204 bytes) Centennial Square, Cincinnati
b.GIF (179 bytes) Coca Cola Tower, Atlanta s.GIF (204 bytes) Deaconess Hospital, Cincinnati
s.GIF (204 bytes) Federal Building, Atlanta s.GIF (204 bytes) 312 Walnut, Cincinnati
s.GIF (204 bytes) One Financial Center (IBM Building) , Atlanta s.GIF (204 bytes) Nation Wide Plaza, Columbus
s.GIF (204 bytes) Bank of America Tower , Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes)s.GIF (204 bytes) Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati
s.GIF (204 bytes) Merchandise Mart, Atlanta s.GIF (204 bytes) Workmen’s Compensation Bldg, Columbus
s.GIF (204 bytes) Inforum, Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes) Many Bank Buildings, Cleveland
b.GIF (179 bytes) MARTA System, Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland
s.GIF (204 bytes) Cumberland Center II, Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes) University of Cincinnati Buildings
s.GIF (204 bytes) Northpark, Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes) Huntington National Bank, Columbus
s.GIF (204 bytes) Resurgens Plaza, Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes) Blue Cross Blue Shield Bldg, Columbus
s.GIF (204 bytes) Hewlett Packard Tower, Atlanta s.GIF (204 bytes) State Departments Office Bldg, Columbus
s.GIF (204 bytes) Concourse V, VI, Atlanta
s.GIF (204 bytes) Sun Trust, Atlanta PENNSYLVANIA
s.GIF (204 bytes) AT & T - Promenade Center, Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes) Irwin Building, King of Prussia
s.GIF (204 bytes) 1100 Peachtree Street, Atlanta s.GIF (204 bytes) Federal Detention Facility, Philadelphia
s.GIF (204 bytes) Mayfair Apartments, Atlanta s.GIF (204 bytes) Six Liberty Place, Philadelphia
s.GIF (204 bytes) Mac Center, Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes) Alvin Swenson School, Philadelphia
s.GIF (204 bytes) Northside Hospital, Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes) Philadelphia School District Buildings
s.GIF (204 bytes) Riverwood, Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes) Key Block Housing, Harrisbourg
s.GIF (204 bytes) Hilton Hotel, Atlanta b.GIF (179 bytes) Metropolitan Life Bldg, Johnstown
s.GIF (204 bytes) Crown Point Center, Atlanta s.GIF (204 bytes) Fifth Place, Pittsburgh
s.GIF (204 bytes) Piedmont Center, Atlanta
  x UTAH
HAWAII b.GIF (179 bytes) Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City
b.GIF (179 bytes) Federal Office Building, Honolulu
b.GIF (179 bytes) Tripler Army Hospital, Honolulu VIRGINIA
s.GIF (204 bytes) City Bank Building, Honolulu s.GIF (204 bytes) Hyatt Hotel, Reston
s.GIF (204 bytes) Kapolei Building, Honolulu s.GIF (204 bytes) 2001 North Beauregard, Alexandria
b.GIF (179 bytes) Marriott Hotel, Roslyn
ILLINOIS s.GIF (204 bytes) Freedom Plaza Project, Dulles
b.GIF (179 bytes) 200 Chicago Public Schools, Chicago s.GIF (204 bytes) Many Office Bldgs, Dulles and Tysons
s.GIF (204 bytes) A T & T Building, Canal St, Chicago
s.GIF (204 bytes) 35 West Wacker, Chicago WASHINGTON
b.GIF (179 bytes) Chicago Board of Trade Building, Chicago b.GIF (179 bytes) Swedish Hospital Medical Center, Seattle
b.GIF (179 bytes) Chicago Mercantile Exchange b.GIF (179 bytes) Teachers State bank Building, Seattle
s.GIF (204 bytes) Chicago Title Building Complex b.GIF (179 bytes) Lawrence Arnold Pavilion, Seattle
s.GIF (204 bytes) Blue Cross Blue Shield Building, Chicago b.GIF (179 bytes) Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle
s.GIF (204 bytes) Madison Plaza, Chicago
s.GIF (204 bytes) Prudential Center, Chicago WEST VIRGINIA
s.GIF (204 bytes) Rush Hospital, Chicago b.GIF (179 bytes) Blue Field Hospital
b.GIF (179 bytes) Veterans Administration Hospitals
b.GIF (179 bytes) Tollway Office Center, Deerfield WISCONSIN
b.GIF (179 bytes) State Office Buildings, Springfield b.GIF (179 bytes) Northwest Mutual Ins. Co., Milwaukee
b.GIF (179 bytes) Ten Wacker Drive, Chicago b.GIF (179 bytes) Milwaukee Public Schools
  x b.GIF (179 bytes) Milwaukee Government Buildings
INDIANA b.GIF (179 bytes) WEPCO (Electric Power Co), Milwaukee
b.GIF (179 bytes) Howe High School, Indianapolis
IOWA s.GIF (204 bytes) St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne
b.GIF (179 bytes) State Capitol, Des Moines
b.GIF (179 bytes) Bankers Life Building, Des Moines CHINA
s.GIF (204 bytes) East Jin Jang Hotel, Shanghai
b.GIF (179 bytes) Univ. of Kansas Law School ENGLAND
s.GIF (204 bytes) Lee House, London
b.GIF (179 bytes) St. Elizabeth Hospital, Edgewood GERMANY
s.GIF (204 bytes) Sony Project, Berlin
b.GIF (179 bytes) Federal Building, New Orleans JAPAN
s.GIF (204 bytes) Shimkiju Bank, Tokyo
MAINE s.GIF (204 bytes) St. Lukes Hospital, Tokyo
b.GIF (179 bytes) Port Authority Building, Portland s.GIF (204 bytes) R I C International Tower, Tokyo
b.GIF (179 bytes) Marriott Executive Offices, Bethesda s.GIF (204 bytes) Hong Kong Convention Center
b.GIF (179 bytes) St. Mary’s College, St. Marys s.GIF (204 bytes) Sino Plaza
b.GIF (179 bytes) University of Maryland s.GIF (204 bytes) The Police Station
s.GIF (204 bytes) Clark Office Building s.GIF (204 bytes) The Central Library
s.GIF (204 bytes) Hok Pak Airport
b.GIF (179 bytes) Federal Buildings, Boston KOREA
b.GIF (179 bytes) Mercy Hospital, Springfield s.GIF (204 bytes) Hyundai Kangnam Building
b.GIF (179 bytes) Chelsea’s Soldiers Home, Chelsea s.GIF (204 bytes) Daerim Ddogok Building
b.GIF (179 bytes) State Capitol, b.GIF (179 bytes) Asian Development Bank Bldg, Manilla
b.GIF (179 bytes) Dime Savings Bank, Detroit
b.GIF (179 bytes) Bronson Hospital SINGAPORE
b.GIF (179 bytes) Lapeer County Hospital s.GIF (204 bytes) Peninsula Hotel
b.GIF (179 bytes) Genesee County Courthouse s.GIF (204 bytes) The Concourse
UOB Alexandria Plaza
b.GIF (179 bytes) Minneapolis City Hall, Minneapolis TAIWAN
b.GIF (179 bytes) American Express Building, Minneapolis s.GIF (204 bytes) Fubon Bank
b.GIF (179 bytes) Landmark Center, St. Paul s.GIF (204 bytes) SOGO Department Store
s.GIF (204 bytes) First Bank, Minneapolis
s.GIF (204 bytes) First Bank Building, Minneapolis

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