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Metal Window Frame and Mullion Anchors

Single and double anchors with straight or offset heads in accordance with American National Standards Institute A39.1 revised and Local, State and OSHA requirements.  All heads and hardware stainless steel coated back up reinforcing bar 3/8" x 3/4" length as required.  Face gaskets standard hardware 3/8" diameter.

*Weatherguard Safety Anchors are forged exclusively of 304 Stainless Steel, as required by ANSI and Government Codes.  The types of heads of anchors and bolts very with the codes of states.  Approval for all states that require documentation is available.  We will be glad to supply the requirements for any jurisdiction upon request. **Window Jambs, mullions, sills, etc. of aluminum, steel, or other materials vary in shape and design among fenestration manufacturers.  These line drawings are symbolic. Weatherguard service anchor systems are capable of interfacing with all window (wall) sections.

Cleaning and servicing windows using a system of Window Cleaner Anchors is the least expensive and safest method of accessing and working around operable windows. The system allows a worker to access the exterior of a window either by stepping onto its sill or ledge or from working from a floor or other safe area inside the building. The cleaner not only services the exterior of the window but cleans the interior as well, accomplishing a complete job in one visit to the window.

As opposed to other systems of cleaning windows, Window Cleaner Anchors do not require any maintenance to maintain their safety. There are no annual inspections, parts to replace, etc. They are not expensive and they can be used for the life of the building. Many buildings have been using their window cleaner anchors for over 80 years.

The following information will show you how they are installed onto windows or other building features. All of our window cleaner anchors are made from forged stainless steel, as the codes and standards require ensuring anchors with the best attributes.  For further information on the qualities of forgings click here.


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