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The first, window cleaner belt anchors, are for use with window cleaner belts. This system permits a window cleaner to step out of or work through an operable window wearing a window cleaner’s belt and, using the terminals at the ends of the runners connected to the belt, to attach to anchors that are fastened to the window or the window’s adjoining structure, then safely clean the window or perform other building maintenance.

Metal Frame Windows
Wood Frame Windows

The second line is a scaffold platform (BMU) stabilization system consisting of anchors that are located on the structure for attachment of lanyards that are secured to the scaffold’s suspension ropes and maintain the scaffold platform to the building limiting its swaying. This is referred to as intermittent stabilization. We also offer a continuous stabilization system that uses anchors on the building and tracks on the scaffold platform to provide that same security. Sometimes these anchors are referred to as "buttons."

Scaffold Restraints

Both systems require the building to be engineered to receive the anchors and the loads that they will impose on the structure. Usually this is an easy matter to accomplish. For either system we manufacture an assortment of anchorage’s to suit any facade situation. Our anchors are made to interface with each particular job condition. This ensures maximum compatibility with the anchors transferring its required loads to the building members to which they are fastened without damage to the building. We accomplish this while maintaining an easy anchor installation. Our flexible manufacturing system allows us to do this at minimum cost.

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